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Hoppy Easter Bunny Duo

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Introducing our Hoppy Easter Bunny Duo Candles -the perfect additional to your Easter decor! With their adorable bunny design and delicate scent, these candles are sure to create a warm and inviting ambiance in any room.

Measuring 12cm x 8.3cm, our candles are crafted with the highest quality wax and infused with a delightful Easter scent, making them a beautiful addition to your home decor. While burning the candles, please place them on a heat-resistant surface to prevent any damage to your furniture.

It's important to note that each candle is meticulously made by hand, and as a result, minor imperfections like frosting, texture, or bubbles may occur. However, these unique features add to the charm of each candle, making them truly one of a kind. Get ready to light up your Easter celebration with our Hoppy Easter Bunny Duo Candles!